Thursday, January 30, 2014

Get A Life!

When I talk about my research, they say, "OMG, your life, full of PHYSICS...!!! You are nerd.."
When I talk about UTM, they say, "OMG, your life, just for your employer..!"
When I talk about Toastmasters, they say, "OMG, your life, full of Toastmasters! "
When I talk about Kelab Lambaian Masyarakat and Smart Camp, UTM's clubs organizing welfare activities and motivational camps, they said, "OMG, your life, still care about the clubs?"
When I talk about Comparative Religious Study, religious talks and programs, usrah, they say, "OMG, your life... so religious!"
When I talk about my students, they say, "OMG, how many home tuition you do in a week?"
When I talk about having fun with housemate, they say, "OMG, your life, your housemate, your house.."
When I talk about blogging, writing novel, they say, "OMG, your life, only with your computer.."
When I talk about movie, karaoke and window shopping, they say, "OMG, your life, fun fun fun..."
When I talk about craft, they say, "OMG, you have so much free time to cut and paste papers?"
When I talk about photography, they say, "OMG, are you a photographer?"

If you only know me from one of the activities listed above (or other activities I didn't write) ;
  1. Don't ask me to make my life more balance, 
  2. don't say that I am lucky because I am single, 
  3. don't say that I am not as busy as you, 
  4. don't say that you have more commitment than me, 
  5. don't say something that make me feel like telling you, "Hey, you, get a life!"
If you are ;
  1. responsible to do something,
  2. or love to do something,
  3. or committed to do something,
you will have time for it. TIME IS A MIRACLE. Allah mentioned TIME in the Quran (bersumpah atas nama masa);

By time,

Indeed, mankind is in loss,


Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.

If you think others' life are as boring as yours, as colorless as yours, or as stressful as yours, you are talking to a mirror. Again, get a life! Let's not to be the mankind-in-loss.

I am not excellent in everything I do, I am sure. My aim is, I want to do things that I want to do and try my best to be a better me. For one purpose, fulfilling life, for preparation.. meeting Him (again, I am trying my best to).

Life is short, too precious to be spent on listing the obstacles. Life is short, wasting it to count others' blessings is not an option. Life is short, so much to do, so much to tell, so much to love. Life is short, it is like an ice-cream, enjoy it before it melts.

I wish all of us have a better day.. better day.. better day...!! =D
*Talking to myself.. talking to myself...

By the way, I have a good news. Today, I use the new perfume I bought yesterday! Weeheeee....!!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Your happiness, my sufferings - Bahagiamu, deritaku - Hafiz

Your happiness, my sufferings ~ Bahagiamu, deritaku - Hafiz

I hear you truly love her,
I hear your heart is hers,
She`ll be your life companion,
And I`ll just be your friend.

It hurts to admit you`re just a normal friend,
But I have to forcefully accept fate.

What I know is,
I don`t want to forget this love.
You sparked the fire,
Lighting up the old memories.

I don`t know how to value your love,
I failed to protect it.

Leave me, slowly I`ll accept it.
The more I suffer,
The more you`d be happy.

Why do I become weak?
Truly, I don`t expect she`ll bring my heart along with you,
Along with you....

Aku cuba terjemah lagu ni sendiri selama sejam. Dengan tabah dah siap semak kamus cari sinonim bagai. Selepas sejam, aku
ragu-ragu dengan terjemahan aku, lalu aku Google "Bahagiamu Deritaku +
English Translation". Hasil dapatannya ialah satu terjemahan seorang gadis di
blog peribadi beliau. Dan aku rasa aku suka terjemahan dia, sehingga malu nak
kongsi terjemahan aku. hehehe.. Sebab, terjemahan gadis tu (yang di atas) sangat
indah bahasanya, dan betul-betul menjiwai lagu. Huh. Seterusnya, aku
pun melayan perasaan.. Lalalala.... Hurm... why do I become weak?