Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pongal, Poorna and I

My first time hearing the word 'Pongal' was in 2011, when I was in Durham, North Carolina, USA. I heard about Pongal from my housemate, a pretty Indian lady from Chennai, India.

After more than 24 hours of flight, with 3 transits, it was my first time meeting her but only after few minutes, I walked away and went to my room where I found only a mattress. I was so tired, so I didn't care, I wanted to sleep. It was so cold, the heater was not functioned yet, and it was December. But suddenly this angle came into my room and gave me a comforter.

When I woke up, I smell food. (Or because of the food, then I woke up? Hahaha...). She said, "Ain, the food is ready! I cooked because of Pongal. Let's eat!" That was my first meal in USA.

And that is why, I can say, that I started my day in Durham, North Carolina, with Pongal.

I can't imagine my first day, first night, sleeping without bed sheet, pillow or comforter and only eat instant noodle I brought from Malaysia. But this angle made my first day as one of the beautiful days I had in USA.

Poorna, I miss your herbal tea, your puree, your okra... I miss playing clay with you, disturbing you painting, watching horror movies while eating pizzas, commenting on all the reality shows we watched together, especially cooking shows, shopping food.. shopping art stuff... watching movie in cinema.. listening to your singing when you're in the bathroom (hehehe..).. discussing about Bollywood movies... making, decorating and eating cakes.. taking photos..  we scared each other by switching off the light... we cleaned the house while listening to Hindi songs... wow! You made my lonely and depressed days colorful.. and see, I am survived!

Yes, we talked, we scared each other, we fought,  we sang, we laughed...
I feel so grateful for knowing you, Poorna!

Stay healthy, pretty and happy lovely lady! Take care and all the best! Happy Pongal!

 Poorna's black forest cake in making. I was experimenting with back & side lighting

Second layer

 We can buy cake and eat with no specific celebration!

 I learned to love sushi here! With Poorna (blue shirt) and Vineela (in purple)

 I look so fierce with the knife but she look so cute and pretty!
 Testing the color for painting
 My favorite scrapbook paper. I used the final piece I had last month. 

 Shopping time!

Checking bills! Hehehe... I am always the one who doesn't like to calculate. And I am so lucky that I have friends good in Math!
 First time we met here! Heeeee...

That is the counter (in the kitchen) where we were both standing up while waiting for the food or tea ready... to talk..
 She was painting, and again, I was with my camera...

 I knew nothing about the brushes.. ok, know nothing hehehe.. they are Poorna's

I made this with love!! ;)

Beads she made from clay
 The clay

I love the blue one! And it was made by Poorna!!! My fingers are too big to make it so fine like hers!

Okay, this is my rose. See, how fat it is! Hahaha...!!

Again, Poorna... and to all my Hindu friends, Happy Pongal! :)