Saturday, January 23, 2016

We Love Her!

"I pray, asking for a peaceful death", a Catholic friend of mine told me this last evening, and it really touched my heart. "Wow, you prayer..."
"Alaaaa.. I am old, you are young, that is why I pray like that.."
"But I can die anytime, right?"
Remembering death is not a negative thought, aura or frequency. But it is the biggest motivation for us to live life the fullest.

Other than that, I was interested to further the discussion about an important character in her religion.

"Who are you praying to?"
"Mother Mary"
"Oh, I thought Jesus", I replied, because that was my first time knowing someone pray to Mother Mary.
"We Catholic put Mother Mary at a very high level. That is why. Jesus came through her. So for us, she is very important", my friend explained with her beautiful voice and tone.
And we continued talking about Mary. I am not at the right position to talk about Mary in Christianity, but in summary, I believe Mary is loved by Christians.
Friends, do you know that the holy book in Islam, Qur'an, Mary is the only woman mentioned by name in the Quran. It is in Chapter 19, you may refer here. 
Yes, it is the same Mary, the mother of Jesus (Nabi Isa).
In Islam,
the mother of Jesus (Nabi Isa), is considered one of the most righteous women. She is mentioned more in the Quran that in the entire New Testament.

You love Mary, I love and admire her too.
The difference is, as a Muslim, I adore her but not worshiping her, because we only worship Allah, the one God, the Creator of you and me.. and the whole universe.
Cheer the similarities, respect the difference.
Persamaan dirai, perbezaan dihormati.

Saya nak lebih fahami kepercayaan saya, saya nak lebih fahami kepercayaan semua. Kenapa?
Tak kenal maka tak cinta, jom lebih kenal, jom bercinta! ;)

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