Tuesday, March 19, 2013

You Are A Fashion Victim!

“Do not wear same colour from head to toe. For example, your tudung is blue, your dress is blue, your shoes are blue.. and, hey, the handbag also blue? It is too much!”

“If you have printed dress, match it with plain tudung. Do not match print with print”

People talk about fashion and make me sick. I remember when I was younger; I watched some talk shows that have fashion seasons. They have the phrase, “match with same group of colours” (padankan dengan warna sedondon). So if you wear dark red skirt, your blouse or scarf should be lighter red or pink. You cannot match them with blue for example.
*Remembering that three basic colours are red, blue and yellow.

But now, when the fashion experts say, “match solid orange with shocking pink, we call it as colour blocking”, a lot of people who are obsessed with fashion ‘modernization’ will feel very good about themselves when they wear bright colours and match with their contras. They call this as, BRAVE, CONFIDENT and… UP TO DATE.

“Last time when I wore green tudung with red blouse you said that they cannot go together very well. Now see, many people follow my style”, once my mom said proudly. 

I watched Nur Kasih drama series before, in 2008. Nur’s best friend (I cannot remember her name) was known to my friends and I as, “the-not-colour-matching-friend” because she always appear with red baju kurung and blue tudung or any colour-mixed outfits. When TV3 plays the Nur Kasih drama series again now, and I watched Nur’s best friend, I feel, “Today, her outfit is acceptable and appreciated”
Done with mixed-colours or match same group of colours outfits. Now, we talked about mixed-prints. On Monday, Wanita Hari Ini, TV3, at 12 noon discusses about fashion. One afternoon they talked about printed pants. Long time ago, I heard, “That guys is wearing printed pants, makes he looks like a man from XXXX” (I don’t want to state what is XXXX in public), and they laugh at that guy. But now, they are promoting printed pants in television! 

And yesterday, Wanita Hari Ini talk about … eerr.. I cannot remember its name but it is the wool jacket print. Now the prints are influencing the dresses, not only jacket that is used to make you feel warmer. To inject Malaysian culture, they show dresses that mixing prints with songket. So, now, where is the rule, DO NOT MIX PRINTS WITH PRINTS?

“Nowadays, western people already mix prints with prints. You can wear your printed pants with printed jacket too”, said a local fashion designer.

What??? You ‘change’ your fashion rules because the western people do that?

Talking about fashion is not a bad habit. But complaining others outfit by saying it is out of trend does not make sense because YOU ARE THE FASHION’S VICTIM! (Hamba fesyen)

I don’t feel like following the trend is bad but it is also not a must. And I feel so bad for you when you need to limit your creativity to mix and match things you have in your wardrobe just because people say this and say that.. . You feel bad about yourselves just because you have no bright colour skirt or printed jacket as most of girls nowadays have. Then you go out by playing safe with your plain outfits and feel unhappy. The most important thing is, why you need to spend a lot of time reading magazines about fashion, watching fashion talk shows and go to a fashion course when at the end of the sessions or the writings, they mention,
“Wear it with confident. As long as we are confident, we can wear anything”

So what? You don’t need fashion knowledge to be in trend. You just need confident for yourself. (The fashion experts must be very angry with me)

*I admit I read @ watch sometimes, and find them as funny. Like, you create a virus because then you can sell the antivirus.

AND AND! And you also need a better choice of words when giving feedbacks to your friends’ outfit because maybe she @ he are showing tomorrow’s style while you are talking like you are an expert but in fact, you are a victim. 

I write this not as an anti-up-to-date-fashion-style person, but I write this to show how funny people are when they do or tell something just because others say that, others rule this and others show those. Do it or talk about it just because YOU WANT TO AND YOU BELIEVE TO. PLEASE, my friends....

*I do appreciate your comments on my outfits or make up, showing that you are care and love me enough, ONLY if you have a good reason behind it. Like, do not wear bright pink lip colour because it make my teeth look yellowish compared to the reddish lip colour. I will not accept your comment if it is “Do not wear bright pink lip colour, because the Revlon’s expert said 2013 need more orange on our faces. Oh my god!!! Let’s go to the shopping mall now!” Aku lempang juga kau laju-laju nanti.

*I do appreciate knowledge @ fashion rules about deciding an outfit that suit your body figure or skin colour. I am a Physicist so I understand about optics illusion. Hahaha…!!!


NuRuL AiNA said...

fashion to me... wear anything that only take 10min max..from undies to tudung hahahhaaha..... -mmg gaya mak betul..

ayen =D said...

kak aina, kalau nak ambil masa sampai 30 minit, mak cantik tapi anak selekeh nanti tak best gak kan.. *clapping for all mothers!!!