Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What I 'see' in a Policeman

Yesterday, a friend drove in hurry to pick me up from the bus stop. Right after I met her, she said,
"I was stopped by a policeman!!!"
"Why??!!" with full of excitement.
"I answered a phone call while driving!!"
"Hahaha.. Is the policeman young??", forgot about the phone call.
"YES!!!! At that time, I did not think about anything else except, AIN SHOULD BE HERE WITH ME!!!"

That is a real friend, a real friend knows our interests.. hehe..

Another story; I received an email from my American friend I met in Duke University, NC, US last year.

"By the way, I was laughing this morning thanks to you!!!  I carpool with another person here at Duke since we have such a long commute.  We were driving this morning through Chapel Hill and got hit by another car (actually 2 cars).  We are all ok, but the other car behind us was hit really bad and probably a total loss for her car.  The funny part was when I saw the police man get out, I immediately thought of you.  He was a very very handsome and friendly man in full uniform.  My carpooler said even though she was married she was very attracted to him.  I laughed and said it's a good thing Ain was not riding with me or she would be staying at the scene all day just to watch him.  :)  Thanks for making such a difficult situation seem fun."


I delivered my first speech during my Toastmasters club meeting in Duke last year. And for your information, my speech title was, He is the Police, He is the Man!!! And the American friend that sent me the email was there when I delivered the speech :)

Below is the second half of my 7-minute speech;

"I am not married and I never had a police boyfriend, YET. But, it is actually okay for not having a policeman as my man for my entire life. I should be fine. Never mind I’ll find someone like you (singing Adele's song) Yes, I will find someone like a policeman as my man. Why?

In my opinion a policeman is a symbol of someone that I can trust. I can rely on. I respect and am thankful because they are protecting lives and properties. They are heroes!

Since I see a policeman as trustworthy and manly, I believe this is also how I want to see my future husband, the father of my children.  A life partner that I will respect, responsible, that I can rely on and feel secure with. But most importantly is, that he will be a neat, handsome and smart-looking husband.

I hope that I can have a chance, to live happily as a wife and a mother.  If I am not destined to marry a cop, I will still be happy, and feel like I am the most beautiful lady in the world if my future husband is someone like a policeman. He is the 'police', he is the man...!!!"

That speech was one of my beautiful memories in US. 

Final meeting with PRATTically Speaking Toastmaster Club, July 2012

*Should I use mobile phone while driving (without hands-free) more frequent to have the same chance as my friend, stopped by a police officer? AGAIN? =D


Erika N. said...

Love love love<3 What I like most in your article is you speak out your mind with your heartiest feelings, being truthful and honest to your opinion as you love the handsome police man most. Unlike some of the women fake it and not being themselves. This is a truthful, honest and humble comment of mine. I hope to see more of your realistic article in future.

NuRuL AiNA said...

yes ain, you could use handphone while you are driving and then bam!!! small accident and policeman will come, but this time it is not young handsome man instead the very fierce old man huhu.. happen to me..

hehehehe akak doakan yer ain dapat husband yang boleh jadi, he is the 'police' he is the man... bestnye jadi muda2 ada crush2 suka orang suka orang ni, admire orang tu admire orang nih.. skang akak dah jadi isteri orang, dosa woooo...

ayen =D said...

Nikki, thank you for dropping a comment after reading.. I hope you tak bosan dengar @ baca pasal polis from me :)
Realistic haaa??? Really? :D

haha.. kak Aina, takut gak kalau jumpa fierce old police man.. hurm, ok ok, tatot tatot.. hehe.. thanks kak doakan, amin, amin, amin.. ye ye, sementara belum jadi bini orang ni, apa salahnya admire sana sini kan kak? :)