Friday, November 30, 2012

A Stranger and Hair Clips

Ops... suddenly my friend and I were in City Square (a shopping mall in Johor) =p

"I have no money for shopping!"
"Me neither!"
"..just go...!! weeheee...!"

Go to a shopping mall is different between go shopping. Understand?
The world is so beautiful. Why should I go back home early when I have no kids (not yet) to be fed, right? muahahaha...!

At one shop, I wanted to buy some hair clips. One hair clip for RM 2.90? RM 3.00? RM 5.90? Wow, 8 years before, I think I can buy 3 hair clips with only RM 1.00! Errr.. or, maybe I was wrong. I am bad in remembering numbers. Never mind. I took some.

At the counter, suddenly a lady grabbed one of my hair clips in front of the cashier and she said,
"Wah! RM 2.90? So expensive meh?"
I looked at her suspiciously. What the...! Who are you!!! Hey, it is okay la to buy a RM 2.90 hair clip in a shop while at its entrance, it has RM 200++ bracelets! What can you expect? (That bracelets are so stupid, hahaha.. )
"Pay RM 2.90 for a hair clip! Wah.. this place is so expensive la...!"
I thought I want to ignore her, but she was staring at me, waiting for my response.
"Why you are so rich?"

And I totally forgot about the cashier. 
I looked like a simple and humble person but actually I am richer? That was what she thinking? hahaha.. Or, I looked terrible with my RM 0 sling bag and RM 10 scarf? Then, I walked away from the cashier.

"Actually, I did not by hair clips for years. Before this I only bought different hair accessories. Now I changed my hair cut so I think I need hair clips. So, I am not sure which one is good or which price is normal. What would you suggest?"
I hope I can lower her voice.
"I am not working here.. hehehe" yes, she spoke slower then. "But I think that one is really expensive ma.. Come here.."
"You want me to buy this?"
"Yes, this one is cheaper.. With RM 2.90, you have 5. Lost one, have four more meh..."
"It is smaller. Do you think it will work the same?"
Of course she was thinking hardly, because I am wearing scarf and she cannot see my hair.
"I think la.. hey, that one is so expensive la.. owh this one also expensive.. hai-ya, why everything is so expensive here?"
"You are cute meh..." I giggled and touched her chin after taking the suggested hair clips
She smiled.. " thank you for your advice", I continued and I think she was happier when I changed the hair clips.

I think I love talking with friendly strangers. They are fun. Especially if they have the package of I-want-to-help-you. (And, if I am not in hurry)

Few months ago, I once planned to have a special blog, that I will write only about the strangers I met and had conversation with. EVERY STRANGERS. Especially last few months, I was in US and I plan to talk to a new people everyday (I think, people who are doing research need to talk more before they become crazy). I believe, meeting new people always make me happier. And I wanted to write how cheerful my day was because of a stranger. But, the special blog is still not exist.. Hot-hot the chicken's shit hahaha.. (directly translated Malay's proverb to show a non-continuous enthusiasm) Aarrghh, maybe later.. today is the starter =)

Like the Chinese-lady, maybe in her 30s, she showed to me that being innocent about hair clips is cute.. hahaha.. No no no.. The more important lesson, love your money. RM2.90 can be small, but it is big for a person who only have RM 5 to survive for a week. Because, we can buy instant noodles for 3-5 days! (I experienced this)

We lost nothing to be friendly. We lost nothing to make a stranger happy. Because we can never expect a stranger making us realize about something and be inspired. So, start talk to more strangers, yeah!!!

*But, I am not happy with the hair clips she suggested to me. It doesn't suit me well. Good experiment =)

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