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My Indian Friends

Happy Deepavali to all my Indian friends...

Hope you have a very happy and colorful Diwali with family and friends. In occasion with Deepavali, other than watching Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, I would like to dedicate my writing to my Indian friends.

Presenting you, "My Indian Friends"! (Forgive my English, you know me) =p

During my first day of school, I made a new friend.

Everybody were running to the canteen when the bell rang. Recess time!
I was calmly walking from my classroom, no need to run because I had my food, prepared by my lovely mom. Then I saw a girl, leaning to the wall, alone.

"Hye! You have your meal box!"
"Do you want to eat now?"
"Lets go, eat with me...! My name is Ain!"
Then she smiled widely, "Okay! I am Bhanu, Bhanupriya!"

She was the only Indian girl in my class and she was the first friend I made, by myself. I was 7.
And she was the only Indian girl in that school too.

During my first experience abroad, in Poland, I had a number of new friends from different countries. Poland, of course, China, Philippines, Ethiopia, Pakistan and last but not least, India. That year was my first time celebrating 'Aidilfitri (Eidulfitri) without my parents and siblings and we had a lecture that morning. Wearing our traditional clothes, Baju Kurung, to the campus, attracted my classmates to ask what that special day was. 

"Today we celebrate Aidilfitri, after one month of fasting... "
"Owh, so you wear these colorful clothes.. what else you usually do?"
"Eat a lot, and meet a lot of people.. usually in the morning, we stay with our family.. but today is my first time celebrating this festival, far from my family...", I was monotonously explaining about that day.

Then one Indian classmate said,
"Come on, we ARE your family!"

I was touched. Even we newly met, and even he is not the nicest man I met (hahahaha...), that sentence will always in my mind, in my heart.

I remember one day, while waiting for our Professor for a lecture, he suddenly knocked my head. I was so angry and shouted,"Hey, why you knocked my head! Just call me, I can hear you"
"I am sorry, I thought you like it.. to call you"
"Nobody likes people knocking their heads!"
"But, I do that with my sister"

He touched my heart again. hehehe.. 

 *With some of our coursemates, while visiting zoo in Warsaw*

Debu, you are not the nicest Indian friend I have, but I was indebted for the assignment you made for me.. for the C++ class :p Debu (Debojyoti) knocked our room (three Malaysian girls and I) just to ask, "Did you finished the assignment?"
"No, we don't know how to solve that problem"
"And, you are sleeping?"
"Yes.." it was 2 am! We gave up and slept, with uncompleted assignment.
"Girls.. wake up..! I made the coding for you Malaysian girls!!! Come here, see this.. and modify it.."

Dear Dr. Sitnik, please forgive us for not 100% writing the codes by ourselves =)

I also knew Ravi during my one year in Poland, he was nice and funny sometime.

 * During Ravi's birthday party. He wore that shirt immediately after we gave it to him as a present*

*Malaysian students in Malaysian Embassy, Warsaw, Poland. Before we performed Joget (traditional Malay dance) and Prem was my dance partner, another Indian I know. Fuh, I was so slim at that time, in pink kebaya, OMG OMG!*


During my first time visiting Sabah, another part of Malaysia, I knew another Indian guy, Malaysian. For that about one-week-visit of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, I enjoyed knowing him so much. Other that 2-day-conference, we visited few places. And the best part was, he, Ganesan, accompanied me to take pictures before leaving, since my room mate left earlier and our another friend cannot wake up from his sleep.

*Picture that I really wanted before we leave, taken by Ganesan. By the way, we missed the sunrise.*

*I enjoyed the view so much. Pekan Nabalu, Sabah*

*One of the activities we enjoyed. OMG OMG, scary! But fun!*
The night before we leave, we enjoyed talking about many things. MANY TOPICS including about believes and love. Hurm, Ganesan, when we will meet again and talk, talk and talk.. eat, eat and eat?? Come on, stop working in that laser laboratory for a while, please... =p


During my first day in United States, I met Vinella in my apartment. Vineela showed me my room and a mattress and I was quickly fall asleep. I was too tired after a 33-hour-journey from Malaysia. When I woke up, I met Poorna, the housemate that just backed from work. That was our first time meeting each other before she brought Vinella and I to shop some groceries. She cooked for my first dinner in US.. It was so cold and I only had my socks and sweater on me for sleeping, before she gave me a blanket!!! I was so lucky to have a housemate that want to help me with everything. EVERYTHING.

I enjoyed my 3-month-stay with Poorna and 2-month-stay with Vineela. We did a lot of things together. Eating, cooking, making cake, making clay-craft, painting (she painted, I watched hehe), watching TV, going to cinema.. We watched a number of thriller movies, and screamed together... 4 movies a week!! Haha.. We enjoyed gossiping too. And one more thing, I enjoyed cooking while listening to Poorna, she sang in the bathroom. Lovely! Ops...
*I don't enjoy sushi so much but I enjoyed sushi with Poorna and Vineela. Why they are so special? =p*

From Poorna and Vinella, two Indian girls that helped me a lot to enjoy my stay in US, I knew another Indians in US. There are also very nice. Helped answering my questions (about bus for example), helped me moving out to my second apartment (Poorna left the apartment after getting a new job in Atlanta), and and and... I enjoyed their tea! Oh my God, I missed tea made by Poorna and Shirisha!!!

*Rohit, Amruta, Viola, Vineela, Poorna, Shirisha*
And I met Anubhav and Mohan too. I am not sure if they think that I am their friends, or only a client. Hehehe.. They were the previous tenant of my second apartment. But, I did enjoy the discount Anubhav offered me for his furniture and the time I spent to clean the apartment with Mohan... hehehe =p

Joining Toastmasters International in Johor, Malaysia, giving me more chances to make more friends, which is one of the reason for me to register as a member. The only Indian member currently in Johor Jaya Toastmasters Club, Perkash is a very soft spoken man; sometimes I look at him as he is a little brother when he feel nervous before delivering speeches, but sometimes I look at him as a big brother that care about others so much.

*One of Johor Jaya Toastmasters Club's activities, celebrating birthday!

And, I met some Indian friends also in more Toastmasters meeting, including Toasmasters Clubs in US.. Like Varsha and Anirudh, who shared a lot with me during my stay in Durham. And I enjoyed talking with them, they are very inspring and motivating. 

And, and and... I am looking forward to attend an Indian wedding, first time in my life this December. Devan!!!!! Cannot wait cannot wait..! OMG OMG!!!


And, special HAPPY DEEPAVALI to my Masters' supervisor, Dr Nandini =) She was not only supervising my study, my research... but also about life. Love her so much =)

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