Sunday, April 29, 2012

Malaysia is OUR country : Public Holiday

A Chinese lady  & I were waiting for the bus in Duke University.

"Do you think that it is less bus during the spring break?"
I was trying to become friendly. Actually I know that the bus frequency is less during the break.

"Owh, now is the spring break? I don't know that!"
"I only knew about the break few days ago"
"Yeah, I don't have classes so how can I know about the holiday..."
"You are right. I don't have classes too.. and I am not used with the spring break holiday in my country"
"You don't have spring break? Summer break? You are from...?"
"I am from Malaysia...No, we don't have the 4 seasons. But we have holiday for many cultural celebrations.. Because Malaysia is a multiracial country..."

Cars passed us. But, not the bus.

"Owh, yeah, I know there are a lot of Chinese in Malaysia!"
"Yes, second majority after Malay... like me.." I showed my pretty face.
"... then, Indian... So other that Malay's, we have Indian's festival, Chinese's.. and other races.. so, many holidays.."
"So you  have public holiday for Chinese New Year too?"
"Of course! We celebrate it.. I can say Gong Xi Fa Chai!"
"Waw!!!" with her cute exciting face.
I think, when Chinese girls are excited, they are cute and pretty!

"A lot of Chinese here in US. But we don't have the public holiday here for Chinese New Year"
She showed an upset face.
"Yeah, I can see a number of Chinese people here"
"Yes! We are many. We should have Chinese New Year holiday in US too"

Maybe she was kidding. Or just to be friendly, to the beautiful girl, me.
I can't understand (if she was not kidding) why she expected to have CNY holiday in US.
But, I can understand why Malaysia has CNY holiday.. Deepavali's holiday.. Wesak, Cap Go Mei, Christmas, Aidilifitri, Aidiladha...


I think, because Malaysia is our country... OURS!

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